A better way to live.

At Afordable Homes we make beautiful homes and sell them at below-market prices to help communities grow and prosper.

Why? It's simple really. We believe that people should be able to afford good homes at good prices.

See our ideas in action by visiting the Cheshire Fields website.


Afordable Homes is run by husband and wife team Andrew & Jean Ford (does the way we spell the company name make more sense now?).

Andrew & Jean see a growing need for homes that meet the needs of real people and Afordable Homes is their response to the issues faced by many when trying to buy a house in the UK.


You can contact Afordable Homes at any time by sending us an email, or you can sign up to our mailing list to get our latest news.

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If you would like to see beautiful homes at below-market prices in your area then please get in contact to discuss land, ideas or the dreams you may have for your community.